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INCREASE YOUR SALES IMMEDIATELY. By simply knowing the “Foot Traffic” or the number of customers that are visiting your Stores, with this we can IDENTIFY THE GENDER, AGE, MOOD and ENGAGEMENT TIMES, with this information's, we are now able to identify the saleable merchandise in a particular store based on its Demographics, thereby displaying more specific merchandise inventory identified by Demographics and helps you to easily Correct Merchandise Display associated with it. Since different store Locations can have different Demographics, proper planning and merchandise Selection for diff Store Locations can boost your Sales and avoid unnecessary Merchandise Inventory in the Display Area. UNNECESSARY INVENTORY MEANS LOSSES FOR ALL RETAILERS. "CONVERSIONS" is the Key!! . A thermal people counter, which uses heat to detect people traffic, however, is the perfect fit.






3D camera People Counting System patented stereo vision technology provides the most accurate and flexible counting and in-store analytics in the industry. The collected traffic, queue and wireless data enable management to view live in-store visitor and employee metrics, as well as historical data for one store and across the entire chain. Store managers can proactively manage labor requirements such as opening queues as they are needed and closing them to save costs.

Sensors and applications are integrated into the Operations Dashboard providing the most complete API for the physical world. This provides cloud based sensor management and audits. Every sensor across every store can be remotely monitored, updated, and validated. Configuration, firmware upgrades, down camera alerts and licenses are all easily accomplished. Flexible and designed for expansion. It provides API access to historical, real-time and  predictive KPIs, as well as programmatic access to device management.