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These days, people are opting for more advanced systems than your basic open door or window burglar alarm. People now install everything from CCTV to driveway alarms so they can be alerted to possible trouble, well before someone approaches the home or even attempts to enter the premises. Motion sensor activated flood lights can illuminate even the darkest corners of your property, making it nearly impossible for a trespasser to prowl around in the dark. All ofthese features and more can seamlessly be integrated into your home or condo security system.

Research has shown that if it takes more than a few minutes to break into a home, a burglar will head elsewhere. If they are forced to work in the light, can’t enter without making significant noise, or must spend a lot of time to break into a home, the thief most likely will search for an easier target. There are many cost-effective ways to add complementary security to your protection system. Strategically placed lighting and landscaping, reinforced doors, and special window coatings are just some of the many ways to deter criminals. Make sure intruders won’t consider your home an easy mark.

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